Malaysian minister turns actor in upcoming short film

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin has a surprising hidden talent as an actor.

He recently finished shooting a short film titled 'Inspektor Mastura,' playing a hawker who sells ayam percik at the night market.

"I met Khairy during a function in October 2012 and kept asking him whether he wanted act in my short film as I wanted someone who has no ties to the entertainment industry," said director Elaine Daly.

"I had no clue that he would say yes," Daly said in an mStar online report.

The short film was borne in conjunction with project 'Ikal Mayang: Telling Women Stories' - an initiative started by a non-government organisation (NGO) called Women: Girls.

One of 15 short films produced by women directors, 'Inspektor Mastura' will be broadcasted on Astro First from Nov 7.

During shooting, Khairy came prepared to the set with his script memorised. He also rehearsed with actress Sharifah Aleya, said Elaine.

She said Khairy acted well and managed to bring out his character the ayam percik seller in just two takes.

"I do have plans to make another film in the future, but I think Khairy won't have time to be in the film. I know he is currently occupied with state affairs," said Elaine.

Inspektor Mastura, starring Sharifah Aleya as lead actress, is the story of a woman who tries to stop herself from falling in love.

In 2009, Khairy also acted as a taxi driver in a short titled 'Meter,' a film that was part of the 15Malaysia short films project. You can watch the short film here.