Malaysian singer Karen Kong to wed in August

PHOTO: Facebook/ Karen Kong

Wedding bells are in the air for Malaysian Hong Kong-based singer Karen Kong.

The 33-year-old singer announced on her official Facebook page on July 4 that she will be tying the knot with Adam, her boyfriend of seven years.

"We've been dating for seven years, and our families have been asking when we will be getting married," Kong told Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

"My younger brother recently had a son, and my family has been saying that he has gone ahead of me. So in order to give them peace of mind, we decided to get married."

Kong, who met hairstylist Adam, 29, through work, said that he has often brought up the subject of marriage.

"One day, I had just come home from Malaysia, and he brought it up again. So, I told him we could go and sign the papers next week. He thought I was ill and told me to go see a doctor!"

The couple will be signing their marriage papers on Aug 28, but have yet to determine a date for the reception.

Kong will be marrying her 29-year-old hairstylist boyfriend Adam.

Kong, from Labuan, made her showbiz debut in 2007 with a Bahasa Malaysia album called Mulakan, featuring the hit song Cinta Hello Kitty. She then moved to Taiwan to further her career in 2009.

In 2010, the singer went to Hong Kong to become the first Malaysian to co-host Jade Solid Gold (JSG), one of the most popular music-chart shows there.

She has been based there ever since, and has even been likened to Hong Kong Cantopop star Kay Tse.

The singer also made a guest appearance on the fourth season of the Hong Kong version of The Voice in 2014, where composer Chiu Tsang Hei praised her for having a "voice from heaven".


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