Male strippers return for one last show in "Magic Mike XXL"

LOS ANGELES - The world of male stripping returns to the silver screen in "Magic Mike XXL" with the performers back in the spotlight for one last show.

Picking up the story three years on from 2012's "Magic Mike", the sequel sees the cast reunite in the stripper saga, which was loosely based on producer and actor Channing Tatum's experiences early in his career.

"The first movie was a bit of an expose into the darkness of this lifestyle and this was a celebration," actor Adam Rodriguez said at the film's premiere on Thursday night.

"This is why these guys are friends, why they managed to live this life for as long as they have together and it's their farewell to it."

The sequel has expanded the cast and also aims to leave audiences, particularly men, with a positive message, actor Joe Manganiello said.

"The unexpected part of this film for people that watch it is that they are really good guys and they're very likeable and their whole mission in life is to treat women better," he said.

"I think that is something that any guy who comes to the theatre or watches this at home should learn."

The movie also stars Hollywood actresses Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell and Elizabeth Banks.

"Magic Mike XXL" opens in US and UK cinemas next week.