Man who gets retweeted by Kim Kardashian for 'impressive school work' scores 3 job interviews

Kim Kardashian attends Harper's BAZAAR Celebration of 'ICONS By Carine Roitfeld' at The Plaza Hotel.

A fresh graduate of Boston University scored interviews with three companies—all thanks to his idol, television personality Kim Kardashian.

Chris Sumlin shared part of his resume on Twitter Wednesday, which he sent to potential employers. Having indicated that he has worked with big media outlets such as USA Today and Fox, it would seem that he has a big chance to impress companies.

However, one line of his accomplishments stood out from the rest: “Retweeted by Kim Kardashian West for impressive work in graduate school.”

Because of that particular achievement, Sumlin said Kardashian helped him bag three job interviews in less than a week. “This woman’s influence is helping me secure a bag,” he said.

Not only did he score interviews, Sumlin got famous on social media. His post now has 500 retweets and 5,000 likes, as of this writing.

And it appears that luck was on Sumlin’s side, as Kardashian retweeted Sumlin again, this time wishing him success with his interviews.

After getting the good luck he needed,  Sumlin updated his resume to mention that Kardashian mentioned him once again. “I’m definitely gonna get hired now,” he said with confidence.

Other netizens too showered him with good-luck messages, such as one named kyle g. (@kyleg182). He said that although Kardashian noticed Sumlin, he told him, “[D]on’t discount the other bullets you have on that sheet.”

Megan Torok (@MeganTorok) has a feeling that Sumlin will get multiple offers.

And kkben (@interestingtuna) said that if that was her resume, she would have listed Kardashian as a  character reference.

Good luck on that job hunting, Chris!