Matthew Lien's in-law bailed out after inquiry

TAIPEI - Accused of a grab on state-owned land, Liu Cheng-chi (劉政池) - the father-in-law of singer-songwriter Matthew Lien as well as the brother of the Miaoli County magistrate - was referred to prosecutors for inquiry last night.

The Shilin District Prosecutors' Office yesterday raided the home of Liu Cheng-chi, former Chunghwa Post Co. chairman and brother of Miaoli County Magistrate Liu Cheng-hung (劉政宏), taking away 17 family members of Liu Cheng-chi, who was also sent to meet prosecutors at 8:30 p.m.

Liu Cheng-chi was recently reported by a Miaoli County council member for illegally building a Yangmingshan villa on a state-owned land.

Liu Cheng-chi's two daughters were discharged by the prosecutor on bail of NT$3 million (S$126,000) in total after four hours of inquiry. According to local media, the two daughters were involved in the usurping case in certain way.

Other fifteen family members, including above-mentioned Liu's brother Liu Cheng-chi (劉政池), were still kept in Shi-lin district prosecutors office for further questioning as of press time.