Meet the hunk who will play Song Joong-ki's role in Pakistani remake of 'Descendants of the Sun'

Pakistan is producing a remake of Korean hit drama 'Descendants of the Sun' - and here's your male lead.

According to Koreaboo, Pakistani actor and former model Imran Abbas will be playing Song Joong-ki's role of Captain Yoo Shi Jin aka 'Big Boss'.

Photos of Abbas in military uniform and other candid pictures of him have been circulating online.

Understandably, netizens are extremely pleased with the choice of the male lead and are even more excited about the rest of the cast.

These Descendants of the Sun actors are scorching hot

  • Bromance was in the air when actor Song Joong Ki kicked off his Asia fan meeting tour in South Korea on Sunday, and his good friend, comedian Lee Kwang Soo, made a surprise appearance.
  • The event, held in Kyung Hee University three days after the finale of the hit drama Descendants Of The Sun, which shot Song to superstardom in Asia, had been sold out almost immediately on March 31 and was attended by some 4,000 fans, said The Korea Herald.
  • The fan meeting was Song's first since 2013, after he did his military service and returned to television in a spectacular way in Descendants.
  • In May and June, he will meet fans in countries including China and Thailand. His next stop is Thunder Dome in Bangkok on May 7.
  • A lot of his friends, including Running Man star Lee, cheered for him in videos that were played on Sunday, said Apple Daily.
  • Then Lee surprised Song by showing up in person with flowers.
  • The two go back to 2010, when Song was an original member of the cast of Lee's hit variety show.
  • The comedian, who had a cameo in Descendants Of The Sun, shared a story of the actor onstage on Sunday, said Apple Daily.
  • Revealing one of Song's drunken episodes, Lee said: "Once, after drinks, Song Joong Ki dropped his mobile phone into soup.
  • "He didn't remember this the next day, but asked why his mobile phone didn't seem to be working."
  • Song recalled that he missed his elder brother's wedding when he was in the army and that Lee stepped up to help his family out on the big day. Lee even got another Running Man colleague, Kim Jong Kook, to sing at the nuptials.
  • Song praised Lee, saying he is the purest person he knows.
  • Reply 1988 star Park Bo Gum also appeared at Song's fan meeting, said The Korea Herald. Both actors are represented by Blossom Entertainment.
  • If you haven't heard of Descendants of the Sun, the latest Korean drama to dominate Asian entertainment, you must be living under a very big rock.
  • Ever since the first biceps were flexed on the 16-episode romantic drama in February this year, female fans have been swooning over its hunky male lead Song Joong Ki.
  • He's become so sought-after that his face has even made it to hell notes printed in China.
  • For the male fans in it for the war drama, it doesn't hurt that beautiful actress Song Hye Kyo of Full House fame plays the lead in the show as well.
  • Aside from the melodramatic story line that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, the uniformed men in the show have also kept fans glue to the screen.
  • Not only do these actors flaunt their taut bodies on screen, they also display too-good-to-be-true characteristics.
  • Ahn Bo Hyun (left) plays soldier Im Kwang Nam while David Lee McInnis plays a villain in the show.
  • Ahn Bo Hyun
  • With such shining personalities, we can't blame the hordes of fans who have fallen head over heels in love with the show.
  • Choi Woong (left) plays soldier Gong Chul Ho.
  • Choi Woong
  • David Lee McInnis with some of the cast.
  • American actor David Lee McInnis plays Captain Argus.
  • Jasper Cho plays Doctor Daniel Spencer.
  • Jasper Cho, who plays military doctor Daniel Spencer, can fix anything from humans to vehicles in the show.
  • Han Sang Gil plays a soldier in the show.
  • Im Yeong Duk plays a soldier in the show.
  • Jeong Young Hoon on the filmset.
  • Jeong Young Hoon
  • Kim Min-seok plays Lance Corporal Kim Gi-beom.
  • Kim Min-seok
  • Kim Seo Young poses for a photo with lead actress Song Hye Kyo.
  • Kim Seo Young
  • Lee Bum Hoon
  • Lee Yoo Seop
  • Park Hoon plays Sergeant Choi Woo Geun.
  • Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young is played by actor Jin Goo.
  • Jin is an award-winning actor who previously also appeared in the highly-acclaimed movie 'Mother'.
  • Son Eun Joon (left)
  • Yoo Tae Hwi
  • Yoo Tae Hwi
  • Already known for his singing and dancing skills, Onew from boyband SHINee also impressed audiences with his acting chops on the show.
  • Onew (right) plays Lee Chi Hoon, a first year resident doctor on the show.