Meteor Garden 2018 music video gives major throwback feels

PHOTO: Weibo/Meteor Garden

Anyone excited for the return of the "red card?"

It was in 2003 when phenomenal hit Taiwanese drama "Meteor Garden" stormed the Philippines. Now, 15 years later, the iconic series springs back to life with the nearing television premiere of Meteor Garden 2018. Moreover, the launch of its official music video "Ni Yao De Ai" sung once more by its original singer Penny Tai just gave the major nostalgia feels.

Series female lead Shan Cai will be given new life by rookie Chinese actress Shen Yue. Shan Cai is everyone's well-loved poor girl who gets accepted into a school for elites where she eventually meets and clashes with a group of upper-class young boys famously known as F4.

Photo: Weibo/Meteor Garden

Meanwhile, the new members of the heartthrob group are Dylan Wang who plays Dao Ming Si, the hot-tempered, rich leader of F4, Darren Chen who plays the quiet mysterious Hua Ze Lei and their two other playboy friends Mei Zuo played by Caesar Wu and Connor Leong as Xi Men.

The music video features Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei and their unforgettable love triangle.

With its release last July 3, fans could not help but go on a major throwback overload as the iconic theme song that sparked Meteor Garden nostalgia comes back. Many have already expressed excitement for the official release of the series.

The series will air internationally starting July 9. Locally, the series will again air on ABS-CBN soon since the network has earned the rights for the remake of the show. ABS-CBN first aired the series in its late afternoon block in 2003.

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On its onset on Philippine television, "Meteor Garden" remarkably became a huge hit back in 2003. Almost everyone got hooked not only on its story but more so, the unbelievably heart-melting good looks of its original cast.

Back then the show sparked what was dubbed as the "Meteor Garden fever" in the Philippines. It reached unbeatable sky-high ratings that no rival show was able to beat.

Photo: SCV

Women fell in love with the four guys especially Jerry Yan who originally played Dao Ming Si. Shan Cai was played by Barbie Hsu while Hua Ze Lei was portrayed by Hsu's real-life ex-boyfriend Vic Zhou. Meanwhile, Mei Zuo was originally played by American-born singer/actor Vanness Wu and Xi Men was originally Ken Chu.