Is Meteor Garden actor Dylan Wang visiting Manila soon?

PHOTO: Instagram/Dylan Wang

Is Chinese actor Dylan Wang from the 2018 "Meteor Garden" remake coming to Manila?

"Meteor Garden" fans speculated his possible visit to the country after a local clothing brand posted a teaser of their new campaign.

The video featured previous endorsers Jerry Yan and Lee Min-ho who played lead roles in the "Meteor Garden" Taiwanese and Korean versions, respectively.

Many guessed Wang might come to Manila just like the two "Meteor Garden" leads and endorsers who visited the country.

A teaser of the new endorser was abruptly shown and fans guessed it to be Wang. However, the clothing brand has yet to confirm the identity of their new endorser.

Wang is an actor and model best known for his first lead role as Dao Ming Si in the 2018 "Meteor Garden" remake.

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