Miss World in Haiti orphanage accident: She falls 3m in building collapse

She was one of the first to learn about the shocking accident that happened in Haiti last week.

Miss World Singapore 2013 Maria-Anna Zenieris had received a text message from her good friend — reigning Miss World, Filipino Megan Young.

The news was startling.

Last Thursday, Miss Young, 23 and Miss World’s British CEO Julia Morley, 74, suffered a serious fall at an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

The second floor of the building had collapsed and both women fell about 3m.

They were also hit by falling debris.

While Miss Young managed to break her fall and even kept her crown intact, Ms Morley had to be airlifted to Miami, US, for emergency surgery.

Miss Zenieris, an 18-year-old United World College graduate, told The New Paper: “Megan had messaged me and told me that there was an accident and thank god she wasn’t hurt.

“Of course I was worried.

“Julia was injured and I hope she has a safe recovery.

“Megan said that tragedies happen, (but luckily) no one was seriously hurt.”


Miss Young and Ms Morley had visited a classroom in an orphanage that housed 78 children in temporary premises.

When the group arrived, about 20 children rushed to meet them, excited at seeing the beauty queen with her crown.

That caused the floor to cave beneath their weight.

A young boy, only identified as Jonathan, suffered a leg fracture.

The other kids escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

Ms Morley, who had suffered a hip fracture, was flown to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital where she underwent a five-and-a-half-hour surgery.

It is believed she will make full recovery.

In an article on the Miss World website, Miss Young said that they had got on to a second-floor platform, and were barely there for a minute before they heard a crack and then everybody fell through the floor.

Said Miss Young: “Nothing like that has really happened to me before. It was such a shock.

“I didn’t really know what had happened or what to do.

“We had all fallen down, but I was still on my feet. I had the crown in one hand, with the other instinctively holding up one of the decks in place with two people.

“There were lots of kids under the decks still and we just instinctively held on.

“It was such a scary situation for me. It makes you realise there is so much more that should be done for these kids.

“It’s not the only orphanage out here in Port au Prince, and I am sure others are in a similar state.”

Added Miss Young in the report: “We just hope Julia recovers from it as quickly as possibly and dear Jonathan.

“My thoughts are with them at this time. It was a real eye-opener and just shows how much work needs to be done in Haiti.

“I want to go back and continue with the work that we have started, and make sure nothing like this can happen again.”

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