More potential Prince heirs come forward

NEW YORK - Two more people came forward Wednesday as heirs to Prince as the administrator of the pop legend's estate laid out plans for genetic testing.

The two new potential heirs both said they were descended from Prince's older half-brother Duane Nelson, who headed security for the singer before becoming estranged. He died in 2011.

Brianna Nelson said in a sworn statement to the court in Carver County, Minnesota that she was Duane Nelson's daughter and his only living child after her brother Duane Nelson Jr. died.

Another woman, Jeannine Halloran, said that she had an 11-year-old daughter with the late Duane Nelson Jr.

The existence of the minor heir, known in court documents as V.N., first emerged last week as a lawyer said he had tried and failed to contact the mother.

Prince died suddenly on April 21 and had no recognised children or will even though his estate may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and includes vast vaults of unreleased recordings.

In addition to members of Prince's extended family, a 39-year-old inmate in prison for gun possession in a stolen car is seeking recognition as Prince's son.

The mother of Carlin Williams said she had sex with Prince in a Kansas City hotel in 1976.

Williams is also a little-known rapper who has written songs with scenarios in which he kills the "Purple Rain" star.

A special administrator handling Prince's estate said in a submission to the court that it would review all documents from people who say they are heirs.

The administrator said it may ask claimants to undergo blood or other genetic tests at their own expense to prove their relationships to Prince when necessary.

The court set a June 27 date to hear any objections to the proposal.

The outside administrator had been requested by Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, to keep order in his estate after his sudden death.

One of the most influential and prolific artists of his era, Prince lived quietly in the suburbs of his hometown Minneapolis, where he kept his Paisley Park estate.