Most popular but not so cool


Chilam Cheung, 42, who plays the arrogant and flamboyant pilot Hsia Yang, nicknamed Captain Cool, in Triumph In The Skies II, was not really cool with winning only Most Popular Male Character, an award 100 per cent based on the public vote.

In his acceptance speech, Cheung (below) said in a half-joking, half-bitter tone: "Does TVB not like me? Can I win an award only through popular votes?

"Biological children may be lovable, but loyal children who appear at the right time and when needed are also important."

Cheung, who had been tipped to win Best Actor, was alluding to the fact that he was not contracted to TVB full-time and had been invited back to help rescue TV ratings.

But neither was Wong - a point he seemed to have forgotten.

Cheung's actress-wife Anita Yuen took to her Weibo to comfort him: "You were very handsome today. Winning the audience's support and admiration is just what an actor needs. Very grateful."

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