Motorcylist says Rui En's apology was 'sincere'; no longer angry over accident

SINGAPORE - The motorcyclist whose bike was damaged in an accident involving local television actress Rui En has said that he no longer feels any anger over the incident.

In an interview with The New Paper, Mr Bahrom Sarmiten, 52, said that he felt the actress gave a sincere apology at the Star Awards ceremony on April 17.

"Too bad I don't understand Mandarin, but I can tell that she wanted to cry," he told the paper.

"I can feel that she is very sincere," he added.

According to The New Paper, Mr Bahrom said he would have probably been angry in the past, but he has now mellowed due to his age.

"The higher you climb, the challenges you face are tests from God," he is quoted as saying.

The actress had apologised for the April 12 accident in her acceptance speech for the All Time Favourite award on Sunday. Speaking solemnly, she said she wondered if her straightforward personality made her unsuitable for the entertainment industry.

She also thanked her supporters and bowed to express her apologies.