Movie date: Closed circuit (PG13)

Movie date: Closed circuit (PG13)

If you're looking for a basic model thriller with not a lot of extras, you could do much worse than this.

Eric Bana stars as sexy defence lawyer Martin Rose, who teams up with his sexy ex-lover Claudia (Rebecca Hall) to defend a terrorist in a secret trial.

As they dig into the case, they uncover some disturbing information that gets them in an awful lot of trouble.

Bana and Hall make a very handsome couple, and both indeed look smart enough to be attorneys.

Closed Circuit is also fairly daring in terms of its willingness to go down the rabbit hole.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as daring stylistically - it's just so conventional in terms of its various plot machinations as well as its overall look.

I know we're dealing with lawyers and all, but it never hurts to go a bit cray-cray sometimes, guys.

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