Movie pick: Anchorman 2 (NC16)

The first Anchorman in 2004 was a satire of tacky 70s machismo that seemed to have little point beyond silly fun.

This sequel is more ambitious.

It follows the career of newsman Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) as he joins a 24- hour cable news station — GNN — as the format was just getting off the ground in the 80s.

Burgundy starts off at the bottom but his idiocy proves to be an asset, and anchorMan 2 (nc16) he ends up pioneering the sort of cheap, pandering news that has become the norm today.

Car chases. Jingoism. Puppies. Sex. Sports.

Politics? Not so much.

It’s rare to see such a goofy show successfully make such a serious point, but Anchorman 2 really pulls it off.

The toss-off gags are also hilarious.

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