Movie pick: Hello Babies (PG13)

Movie pick: Hello Babies (PG13)

Every Chinese New Year, without fail, the Hong Kong film industry comes up with a slapstick ensemble comedy to usher in the festive season.

Hello Babies hammers the same formulaic schtick, with plenty of wacky fun, goofball humour and some fart jokes to go around.

Tycoon Lei Ming (Raymond Wong), feeling disappointed that his sworn enemy Yang Awei (Eric Tsang) is expecting a grandson, pushes his grandnephew and grandniece-in-law (Ronald Cheng and Fiona Sit) to carry on the family line, even hiring a superstar midwife (Sandra Ng) to monitor their sex life.

Campy and over-the-top, Hello Babies nevertheless fulfils its main objective of offering lots of laughs.

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