Movie pick: The Journey (PG)

Every once in a while, a little movie comes along and touches your heart. The Journey is such a movie.

It smashed box offices in Malaysia - grossing RM12.9m (S$5m) after 25 days. This tale about communication problems between father and child, following tradition and cultural clashes is utterly relatable.

Bee (Joanne Yew) returns home after decades of living abroad in England. Her father Chuan's (Frankie Lee) initial delight quickly becomes a dilemma when she brings along her British fiance Benji (Ben Andrew Pfeiffer). the journey (pG)

Chuan would only agree to their marriage if the couple abide by his demands of handdelivering wedding invitations to all his primary school classmates.

Thus begins a road trip for Chuan and Benji, in which they accept each other's quirks as the journey progresses. The three leads put up charming performances, but it's the relationship between Lee and Pfeiffer that drives the movie. Stay during the credits for a cute tune by Pfeiffer.



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