Movie pick: Ju-On 3: The Beginning Of The End (NC16)

I'll say it straight: This is the creepiest, scariest movie I've seen in a very long time - and I have a large appetite for horror and gore.

For fans who have been following Japan's popular Ju-On series, the last instalment (2012's Ju-On: White Ghost & Black Ghost) was a massive let-down, with poor direction and virtually non-existent chills.

Thanks to Ju-On 3, the franchise is redeemed. A reboot of the original 2000 film, it revolves around how a teacher, Yui (Nozomi Sasaki), visits the home of missing student Toshio Saeki (Kai Kobayashi) and gets sucked into a world of bizarre terror.

It doesn't take long before we find out that Saeki's house has the power to unleash a terrifying curse, killing all who set foot inside.

Opening in theatres next Thursday, this is a bone-chilling masterpiece that could frighten the living daylights out of everyone

This article was first published on July 16, 2014.
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