Movie pick: Tammy (NC16)

Movie pick: Tammy (NC16)

Melissa McCarthy is a treasure.

In an age when female comedians are getting sexier and sexier, she's a throwback to an age when being funny mattered more than being pretty.

She plays the title character, a fast-food worker who gets fired and then finds out her hubby is cheating.

She embarks on a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother (Susan Sarandon) and the pair putter around the US heartland having all kinds of low-key adventures.

Tammy crashes a Jet Ski and commits armed robbery.

Tammy's granny gets lucky in a bar and Tammy makes friends with the guy's meek son.

It's slack and rambling, but McCarthy is so amiable you just go with it.

This article was first published on JULY 2, 2014.
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