Movie pick: From Vegas to Macau (PG13)

SINGAPORE- The ever-suave Chow Yun Fat collaborates with famed director Wong Jing to bring us a fast-paced, entertaining and thrilling espionage action-comedy.

At 58, Chow looks like he has not aged one bit as he takes on a role that is reminiscent of his titular character in the 1989 classic God Of Gamblers.

With his overflowing on-screen charisma, the veteran actor steals the show effortlessly from his younger co-stars Nicholas Tse and Chapman To.

Chow plays Ken, a world-famous gambler roped in by Macau police to take down a gambling syndicate leader (Gao Hu), and this leads to an exciting showdown between the two at the casino table.

From Vegas To Macau is lighthearted fare that also makes it perfect viewing for the Chinese New Year.

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