Movie picks: Baby Blues

I wish someone could tell Hong Kong directors to either stop making horror flicks or improve their craft by enrolling in a masterclass.

Since 2002's The Eye by the Pang Brothers, it has just been dud after dud.

Famed music producer Ye Hao (Raymond Lam) and his wife Tian Qing (Sheng Jun) move into an old house and keep a creepy-looking doll from the previous owners.

No prizes for guessing what happens next. The doll wreaks havoc, even endangering the couple and their newborn's life.

If Baby Blues is trying to create a Hong Kong version of Chucky, it has failed miserably.

Watch this only if you want to see Lam acting opposite his real-life girlfriend Karena Ng, who plays Tian Qing's sister.

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