Movie picks: Our Sister Mambo 

This feature film was made to commemorate Cathay Organisation's 80th anniversary.

Our Sister Mambo tells the story of cinema manager Mr Wong (Moses Lim) and his four daughters: big sister Grace (Ethel Yap), bubbly second sister Mambo (Michelle Chong), sultry third sister Rose (Oon Shu An) and shy youngest sister June (Joey Leong).

Mr Wong's overbearing property agent wife (Audrey Luo), obsessed with all things Korean, works hard and goes to the temple to pray regularly for her girls to get hitched.

Luo may only be 32 years old but her outstanding and natural performance as a domineering mother provides entertainment and steals the show in a production that is otherwise bogged down by a flat script which seems to serve only one purpose: Pay tribute to Cathay's film-making legacy.

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This article was first published on July 15, 2015.
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