Movie review: Absolutely anything

What would you do if you had the power to do absolutely anything?

That is Simon Pegg's dilemma. His hapless schoolteacher Neil doesn't realise he's been given such awesomeness until he wishes aliens would vaporise his class of rowdy students.

So with great power comes great irresponsibility, such as asking for the body of a great man, upsizing his family jewels and getting his neighbour Catherine (Kate Beckinsale) to fall in love with him.

The premise is absurd from the get-go: the powers come from four crustacean-looking aliens who believe humans are idiots.

Neil proves them right.

Pegg's goofy charm is on overdrive, elevating this silly comedy where the best scenes are between Neil and his talking dog Dennis (voiced by the late Robin Williams).

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This article was first published on September 2, 2015.
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