Movie review: The After-dinner Mysteries

Based on a best-selling Japanese mystery novel of the same name, and the movie sequel to a long-running successful television series in Japan, The After-Dinner Mysteries sees a group of detectives attempting to solve a murder that took place on board a cruise ship.

Starring the same cast as the TV series, Sho Sakurai of popular Japanese boy band Arashi plays the butler of rich heiress and police detective Reiko Hosho (Keiko Kitagawa).

Before Hosho can enjoy her well-deserved vacation on the cruise ship that her family owns, she is informed of a murder on board and has to solve it with the help of her smart and sharp-tongued butler.

The chemistry between Sakurai and Kitagawa is apparent as they have been acting in the TV series since 2011, and they engage in witty banter while solving the murder.

But the pace is too slow and it could have been better if the movie did away with some of the sub-plots which did nothing to progress the show.

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