Movie review: Aftershock (M18)

It's hard to say if this flick is completely pointless or just mostly pointless.

On one hand, it seems like just another lazy horror movie.

On the other hand, it might not be quite as lazy as it appears on the surface.

The story is that an American tourist known as Gringo (Eli Roth) is partying in Chile with beautiful and exotic pals when an earthquake suddenly brings the festivities to a halt.

The gang's only concern before the quake was who is going to sleep with whom; obviously, they come across as a bunch of spoiled, entitled brats.

After the quake, we see them in a new light as they fight for survival, showing surprising reserves of strength and bravery as they battle escaped convicts bent on rape and murder.

While there are a few rather nasty scenes, the film isn't quite as disturbing as it might have been.

Sadly the best thing I can say about Aftershock is that the cast is supremely hot.

I bet they had fun making this.

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