Movie review: Baby Blues (PG13)

Review Horror


Duration:92 minutes

Rating: 1/5

Here is a home-buying tip that will save you plenty of grief and trouble: When you come across a creepy- looking doll left behind by its previous owner, do not hang on to the property. If you are rich enough to buy a house, you are rich enough to get a brand- new creepy-looking doll.

Unfortunately, newlyweds songwriter Hao (Raymond Lam) and blogger Tian Qing (Janelle Sing, both right) ignore that tip. They also pay no heed to the repeated dire warnings of a homeless man camped outside their huge house.

Tian Qing becomes pregnant with twins but one of the boys dies during birth. She then starts treating the doll as a newborn - surely that goes beyond post-natal depression.

It is the doll working its bad juju, which it likes to do while spinning round and pointing its hand out. Presumably, this is to take advantage of the 3-D effects.

Rather than raising scares, though, this infantile movie is likely to induce yawns instead.

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