Movie review: Crude, juvenile humour makes The Boss a flop


Comedy/99 minutes/Opens today

Rating: 1.5/5

CAN someone please send Melissa McCarthy a script that is better than The Boss? After a solid turn in Spy (2015), the comedienne returns to the world of loosely scripted, genital-and-swearing-obsessed form of joke-making that made Tammy (2014) and Identity Thief (2013) feel so much like watching a child repeating words picked up at the playground so he can shock his parents.

Director Ben Falcone (McCarthy's husband, who not coincidentally directed Tammy) does little to rein in her attempts to potty-mouth her way into being funny in this movie.

It is a story of businesswoman Michelle trying to claw her way back into the ranks of the rich after a stint in prison for insider trading.

Peter Dinklage flies way over the top as her former lover and business rival Renault.

Falcone and McCarthy believe that as long as a situation is inappropriate, it's funny.

More often than not, as you watch the characters mug desperately in a bit about an implied homosexual act, it makes you feel sorry for everyone involved in the project.

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