Movie review: Empire state (M18)

Movie review: Empire state (M18)

Ratings: 3 out of 5

Liam Hemsworth has a very strange presence on screen.

He's shockingly handsome, yet he has the screen presence of a haunted dove, or a distraught lamb, or a mildly depressed unicorn.

This boy needs a hug, ladies! In Empire State, he plays a security guard at an armoured truck company who decides to rob his employer with the help of his idiot friend (Michael Angarano).

They end up getting away with millions, then the police and the local mafia close in.

Dwayne Johnson plays one of the cops, but it's like he's from a different movie, or perhaps a cartoon.

This action drama is going for a realistic vibe but Johnson just keeps mugging as usual.

The standout performance is from Angarano, who brings some spark to an otherwise wishy-washy production.

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