Movie Review: Everybody's Business (PG13)

I do not mean to be a party pooper, but I feel nauseous at the mention of toilets.

My worst nightmares always involve a dirty loo, like those at coffee shops.

So I was glad that the plot of Everybody's Business waxes lyrical about the importance of clean toilets.

Staring comedians Kumar, Mark Lee, Gurmit Singh, Wang Lei and Liu Ling Ling and executive-produced by Jack Neo, it tells the story of the fictional Ministry Of Toilet's efforts to clean up loos.

Kumar shines as a female politician who heads the ministry and is at the receiving end of most of the toilet humour.

Here's a tip: Do not watch this movie before a meal. Or immediately after.

In one scene, Gurmit is covered in that-which-must-not-be-named.


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