Movie review: The Internship

I have a special fondness for Owen Wilson.

He's just a year younger than I am, and I really relate to the guy in a lot of ways.

For one thing, he's got a big nose.

He's also kind of a goofball.

Anyway, the point is that I'm a bit biased.

The Internship isn't a great movie, but I love it nonetheless.

Wilson plays Nick, a watch salesman who has a great time selling watches with long-time partner Billy (Vince Vaughn) until the watch company goes bust.

In desperation, the pair apply to be interns at Google, and somehow manage to get in. Now they must compete for real jobs against genius 20-somethings.

The "Noogles" are separated into teams and after some initial hiccups, the two oldsters prove to be surprisingly valuable assets to their new pals.

It's all pretty silly, but I really like this particular brand of silly. Wilson and Vaughn have a very inclusive brand of humour that makes you feel good about being a dork.

They want to be friends with everyone, from their supervisor to their nerd teammates to the bearded weirdo in the cafeteria. They're tapping into that great American comedy tradition of slobs vs snobs.

The way in which the film depicts Google as The Greatest Place In The History Of Earth may rub some people the wrong way, but I can understand how it would seem like that to a couple of middle-aged underachievers like our heroes.

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