Movie review: The Look of Love (R21)

Cinema still: The Look Of Love.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I'm super jealous of the real-life Paul Raymond, the erotica impresario who became Britain's wealthiest man and the subject of this affectionate biopic starring Steve Coogan.

He made a fortune with his nudie shows and girlie mag, and spent his life surrounded by beautiful naked women. Tsk-tsk all you want, but I'm rather in awe of the man.

He ended up paying a heavy price for his debauched lifestyle.

You could call it the ultimate price.

His beloved daughter (Imogen Poots) became swept up in his lifestyle, but lacked his smarts and constitution. Coogan is perfect as Raymond, a world-class charmer and manipulator.

What a voice on this guy!

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