Movie Review: Man Of Tai Chi

Movie Review: Man Of Tai Chi
Cinema still: Man of Tai Chi.

SINGAPORE - Movie Reivew

MAN OF TAI CHI (NC16) - 3 Stars.

Keanu Reeves' directorial debut delivers exciting, realistic fisticuffs despite a cliched plot.

He plays a villianous businessman who runs a fighting ring for wealthy patrons in which opponents pummel each other to the death.

Reeves' real-life friend, Chinese stuntmanturned- actor Tiger Chen, stars as a young taiji master who, lured by easy money, joins the secret underground establishment.

Fast-paced fight scenes take up most of the Hollywood-China co-production's screen time, as Chen shows off his amazing gongfu skills.

But his acting chops don't match up and he looks uncomfortable on screen and does not show much emotion.

Reeves' return to the big screen also does not add much as he has little dialogue, with the most cheesy line being "Let the fight begin!"

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