Movie review: Riddick (M18)

I can understand the appeal of Vin Diesel, it's just that he's not that appealing to me.

There are always going to be a certain number of dudes who are just into his particular brand of muscle and menace.

In a world that is growing cosmopolitan and claustrophobic, Diesel's movies offer the thrill of running around like a gorilla in the woods.

Riddick is a big improvement over The Chronicles Of Riddick, but not nearly as good as the first film in the franchise, Pitch Black.

The story is that Riddick (Diesel, of course) is lost on some remote planet where all the alien beasties want to kill him. He sends out a rescue signal and a group of bounty hunters come down to kill him.

Riddick ends up having to do what he does, which is to destroy his enemies.

For those who were fans of The Chronicles Of Riddick, you'll be sad to hear that Diesel has pretty much abandoned the convoluted mythology he built up in that film.

Riddick is a lot more like Pitch Black, though not as lean and not as mean.

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