Movie Review: SDU: Sex Duties Unit

SDU: Sex Duties Unit


Rating: 1/5

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong director-producer Pang Ho-cheung sticks to his signature low-class comedy style with this latest movie.

Working with his usual suspects, Pang rounds up actors (from left) Shawn Yue, Matt Chow, Chapman To and Derek Tsang (not pictured) to form the inferior B Team of the Special Duties Unit in the police force.

Rather than performing their duties, the quartet makes an illegal weekend trip to Macau to look for prostitutes, renaming their task force

Sex Duties Unit. Put in a spot in a surprise police raid, they make ridiculously elaborate plans to escape. The far-fetched plot, lewd jokes, and the multiple nude scenes in this comedy make for a tasteless cringe-worthy experience.

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