Movie review: Turbo

Movie review: Turbo

SINGAPORE - Fast cars blazing trails is one thing, but souped-up snails? It sure takes some getting used to.

Animated flick Turbo tells the story of the titular ambitious snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who refuses to let his severe lack of speed get in the way of competing in the Indianapolis 500 car race.

This film works because it revolves around the stereotypically slowest creature around, cleverly picked as a central character in a film about speed. You'll always empathise with the underdog and there's nothing that could stop me from rooting for this determined, wide-eyed hero anyway. You'd also be wildly entertained and amused by Turbo's larger-than-life friends the Racing Snails and taco seller Tito (Michael Pena) , a large man with an equally huge heart.

Rating: 4/5

- Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman

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