Movie star Rob Schneider: I prefer stand-up

Profile photo of US comedian Rob Schneider.

SINGAPORE - Here is a guy who truly knows how to make you laugh.

Rob Schneider, 49, the man behind popular comedies such as Deuce Bigelow, The Animal and Hot Chick, is in his element, so much so I found myself cracking up ever so often while talking to him over the phone last week.

The US comedian was in Perth, Australia, preparing for his stand-up act which he'll be performing at various cities Down Under before heading for Singapore this Saturday.

Indeed, Schneider in real life is a funny guy. There was none of that crass humour that you'd associate him with and he's keen to prove he's more than just those one-note on-screen characters.

"I love comedy and I'm good at it," he said.

It's about money 

"But in America, we're usually typecast," he lamented. "In America, it's all about money.

"It's very whore-ish and commercialised. It's not like the French where they want to see their actors do many things.

"I'd love to do some dramas but in America, the artists aren't allowed to do many things.

"I love film but I prefer stand-up more. I love performing in front of a live audience. It beats making a movie where you have to wait a year before you can see it."

Schneider, who started his comedic career on Saturday Night Live back in 1990, has worked hard to become the successful comic that he is now, touring the world and doing "over 250 shows a year".

However, his biggest regret is "missing out a lot in my first daughter's life, as I was trying so hard to make it then".

Schneider is father to two girls - Elle King, 24, from his first marriage, and Miranda, 11 months, from his third marriage to actress Patricia Azarcoya Arce.

"Now I want to spend time with my baby girl and enjoy her, and make her feel what I didn't feel when I was growing up," he said.

"Growing up, I was pushed hard to be successful. I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment. My mum was always expecting more from me.

"I'm not saying what my parents did was wrong. I'm just not going to do that."

And he added with a laugh: "Every little drawing Miranda does will be something great."

Schneider will be in town with Patricia and Miranda. He'll be working, and they will be "shopping".

"My wife's not going to miss out any shopping!

"I'm still paying off the credit card bills from my last trip," he said, laughing.

Schneider's material for his stand-up will reflect the current state of affairs in the US - pop culture and politics.

He explained that the show, which he worked on for a year and a half, is a reflection of everything that happens in his life.

"I bring my life to the show. I'll be talking about America and the interesting times it's in. The country's broke, shut down, people are angry."

But he's enjoying life. He said: "I'm 49, not quite 50 yet! I'm just loving my life right now. (Fatherhood) has been a blessing.

"Spending time with your family, keeping them happy and safe... that's why I'm enjoying doing what I do now."

Rob Schneider - Live In Singapore

When: Oct 26, 8pm
Where: The Star Theatre
Tickets: $98, $108, $128 and $148
Go to: Sistic ( or 6348 5555)

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