Mr. Gae’ takes Korean hip-hop to the edge


"Mr. Gae"

(LOEN Entertainment)

Gary's first solo album "Mr. Gae" is best described as R-rated. Although the title track "Shower Later" has hit the number one spot on Korea's major music charts, the song and its accompanying music video were deemed "inappropriate" for public airing.

Indeed, the songs on Gary's new album are filled with vulgar lyrics that are questionable even by Korean hip-hop standards.

The listening becomes pleasant only through the mild vocals of Gary and the featured artists.

"Zotto Molla" translates roughly into "You don't know s―" in English.

This phrase is repeated several times throughout the song to the point of discomfort.

"Drunken Night Tune" depicts today's "hungry youth" but also includes "horny males" while "Mr. Gae" goes overboard with a hyper-macho, dub-step chorus that repeats: "I become a dog tonight. I am piss drunk again under the neon sign of the deepening night."

The main track "Shower Later" describes sex with one's lover in the least-raunchy way, aside from the abundance of cleavage featured in the music video: "We are naked lovers who have nothing to hide anymore ... please shower later and let us cuddle more."

Despite all the sex talk, the tune itself is catchy, which may be why the song has been so popular.