M'sian celebs confirm speculation: 'Yes, we're married'

We are not married. We are just good friends. We don't have an illegitimate child together.

For months, actors Aeril Zafrel and Wawa Zainal furiously fended off speculation of a secret marriage by repeating these statements.

But the truth came out on Friday.

In a press conference held in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, the pair apologised and revealed what the media and their fans had speculated about all along.

Aeril, 25, and Wawa, 22, had indeed tied the knot and are parents of a son who was born in August.

They had two solemnisation ceremonies - a traditional one on Feb 25 last year and another on Feb 4 this year to register their marriage.

They had the second ceremony to respect her parents' wishes after they found out that Wawa was pregnant.

Wawa, whose real name is Nur Hawa Zainal Abidin, then gave birth to a son, whom they named Ahmad Fakhruddin Attar, on Aug 24.

According to news portal mStar, when asked why they lied, Aeril, whose real name is Suhairil Sunari, said: "I kept denying because I respected Wawa's wishes.

"She was scared of getting into trouble with her management (Metrowealth International Group or MIG).

"We had plans to inform them after her contract ends in 2015, but the media found out. I feel like I'm in a war."

Aeril - who was previously signed to MIG - and Wawa first met in 2010 when they both starred in TV series Klik.

Romance blossomed between the pair, who also acted together in last year's action flick Budak Pailang and romantic movie 99 Kali Rindu.

But their relationship was forbidden by their management, according to Aeril. Still, rumours were rife enough that they were forced to say they were just close friends.

Took a break

Fresh speculation was sparked when Wawa took a break from her career earlier this year and returned to her kampung home in Sabah.

She had told the press that she was seeking traditional treatment for a mysterious illness that had also plagued her sisters.

But gossip abounded of her being pregnant and that she was hiding her growing tummy instead.

During the press conference, Wawa said that the illness was real and that she was cured before she gave birth.

The press conference came after Malaysia's Berita Harian revealed that the pair were married with a child.

The paper reported on Oct 6 that the boy weighed 3.12kg at birth and was born in a Kuala Lumpur hospital.

While he has never confirmed the allegations in the report, Aeril has reacted on Twitter and said that the incident served as a test for him.

Wawa also stood up for him and tweeted: "I know (Aeril) and there are people who have hated him for a long time and want to bring him down.

Hopefully, he continues to be strong."

At the press conference, Aeril expressed regret and sadness at letting the matter get out of hand.

He said: "I'm sad hearing the rumours concerning my son.

"When I watch him sleep, I cry because it was said that he was born out of wedlock.

"You can insult me but the fact that his identity was revealed without my permission makes me sad."

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