Music man

It is clear that music is very much a part of Jamie Foxx's life.

At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fan event at Marina Bay Sands last month, he showed off his rapping skills to the delight of thousands of fans.

Foxx also couldn't help bursting into a song during our interview.

When asked to choose between getting an Oscar or a Grammy, the chatty actor was suddenly stumped for words.

"" he said after a long pause.

"Music is universal. Everybody may not see your movie, but with music, it's different."

"Music fills everything you do. When you sing, no matter where you are in the world, it gives you this indescribable feeling, even if you don't know the words.

"Singing is the best. I'd choose music," he said.

"Let me show you something," said Foxx, suddenly lowering his voice.

He looked over his shoulders, pulled out his iPhone and whispered: "This is something I've worked in my studio at home.

"When I was filming Spider-Man, people would call me and ask me what I'm doing. So I told them I'm chasing spiders."

Foxx ended up making a song called Chasing Spiders that reflected Electro's state of mind.

As it turns out, one of his hobbies is composing theme songs for the characters he's played.

Playing it on his mobile phone, Foxx mimed the lyrics and even did some air guitar to the rock tune.

"The video I had in mind was to have a 60-piece orchestra; 30 of them will be Electro and 30 will be Spider-Man, and they will battle it out," said Foxx with a smile.

It's a pity we won't be able to hear Foxx's composition on the official The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. It will be staying in his private collection.

Here is an except of the lyrics from Chasing Spiders:

"I may be black but I ain't no widow I've just been shadows in the dark He may be yours but he ain't my hero I embrace malice in my heart I've been patiently waiting but I'm angry now He promised me the light and then the sky I was totally going to worship you when you screamed my name But then you turned your back on me and lied So now I'm chasing spiders I'll do anything to shut this whole world down I'll be chasing spiders To do anything that will burn this whole world down To live a day as long I live I'll be chasing spiders"

This article was published on April 9 in The New Paper.

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