Music: Must-see MVs

Clockwise from left: I Want It All by Karmin, Dark Horse by Katy Perry, and Not Giving Up by The Saturdays.

Not Giving Up - The Saturdays

Are we supposed to be watching synchronised choreography or not?

The British-Irish girl group, holding lightsabers, just aren't in sync with their movements. To make it worse, the angles of their light sticks aren't aligned whenever they strike a pose.

It's almost like it wasn't a prerequisite for the shots to be perfect before the editing phase kicked in. Maybe what the quintet need is a lesson or two from the Pussycat Dolls to help them with future videos.

But the song is catchy, so just forget the visuals and bob to the tune.

Dark Horse - Katy Perry

This fantastic Egyptian-inspired music video sees US singer Katy Perry play the role of Cleopatra.

Also appearing is US rapper and songwriter Juicy J, who steps out of a gold-plated coffin.

This is truly a visual reflection of the lyrics, with magic and horses thrown in.

Perry proves that she's truly an MV superstar with yet another spectacular offering.

I Want It All - Karmin

The engaged couple, US pop duo Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, want you to get ready to party.

This retro production sees her in a sexy outfit, accompanied by Noonan on saxophone and impressive back-up dancers on roller skates.

Even though we don't see Heidemann do her usual rapping, this video will get you off your feet and feeling the groovy good times.

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