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'My face felt hot': Zong Zijie suffers 10cm cut on cheek while filming drama

'My face felt hot': Zong Zijie suffers 10cm cut on cheek while filming drama
Local actor Zong Zijie suffered a long cut on his cheek from a plastic folder.
PHOTO: Instagram/Zong Zijie

What appeared to be a harmless object left a 10cm cut on this local actor's cheek.

Zong Zijie took to his Instagram Story yesterday (April 10) to share footage of his injury.

"Money earned through blood and sweat," wrote the 28-year-old on a close-up video of the bleeding cut on his left cheek.

In the next Story, he posted a photo of someone cleaning his injury: "The hardest part of this is that I can now only act with one side of my face."

Speaking to Lianhe Zaobao, Zijie shared that he got injured while filming an unnamed drama. In the scene, he was hit on the head by a plastic folder and the sharp edge of the folder scratched the side of his cheek by accident.

According to him, his co-star Xu Bin appeared shocked: "Suddenly, the left side of my face felt hot. Then I saw a mark on my face and blood started to flow down."

After getting his wound treated by the crew and seeing a doctor, he returned to the set to resume filming.

Last year, Zijie was entangled in dating rumours with Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao, his co-star in the local movie The Chosen One.

Mirror Media reported that Shu-yao, 33, was engaged in an hour-long video call with Zijie after a late-night hotpot dinner with friends.

Zijie later told 8World that the dating rumours were "exaggerated". When asked if he sees a romantic future with her, he said that it was unlikely as he finds long-distance relationships not so "appealing".

The movie will be released in cinemas in Singapore and Malaysia on May 30.


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