Netizens accuse Faye Wong's 13-year-old daughter of visiting a nightclub

13-year-old Li Yan, younger daughter of Faye Wong, was accused of visiting a nightclub.
PHOTO: Weibo

Was Li Yan having a "13 going on 30" moment?

It was reported today (Oct 8) that some mature photos of the 13-year-old surfaced on social media, causing some outrage amongst netizens.

In one of the photos, Li Yan (also the younger daughter of Chinese diva Faye Wong) can be seen rocking a chic black jacket, a red inner tee, a choker, and serving looks to the camera. In another shot, she is posing with a friend and channelling some serious Tyra Banks fierceness with her jacket slightly off the shoulder.

However, the second photo was taken in a location that was dimly lit, apart from a pink neon light that seems to evoke the interior of a nightclub.

The photos which sparked netizens' outrage. PHOTO: Weibo

Due to Li Yan's rather mature look and the nightclub-esque setting, netizens accused the teenager of visiting a nightclub despite being underage.

However, Apple Daily Taiwan reported that commenters were quick to defend her and explain that this was a school party that was organised for charity to help Bhutan. They also clarified that alcohol wasn't served to any who were below 17.

Li Yan herself took to Instagram Stories to rebuke netizens and wrote: "A charity party organised by the school becomes a nightclub?"

Left: Why is there such a fuss over a school party? Right: A charity party by the school becomes a nightclub? PHOTO: Weibo

It was previously reported that Li Yan attends the prestigious College Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland, with school fees of up to about $400 — a day.

Founded in 1910, Beau Soleil is one of the most prestigious (and expensive) private boarding schools in Europe and welcomes students from more than 50 different nations.

Her high-SES education comes at a price as it costs 104,000 Swiss francs (S$145,000) a year, which works out to about S$12,000 monthly — well over what many of us earn in a month.

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And that's just for the boarding and tuition fees.

There are additional annual charges in the form of "additional expenses" and an "annual trip"; as well as a one-time charge for the application, uniform and a deposit. In total, these additional charges amount to 49,630 (S$68,486) Swiss francs.