New allegations of procuring prostitution raised against Seungri


An acquaintance of K-pop star Seungri has testified that the celebrity procured prostitution at locations in addition to the ones alleged so far, a local news outlet reported.

According to Ilyo Shinmun, police investigating the case obtained testimony from Seungri's close acquaintance after two rounds of questioning on March 25 and 28.

The acquaintance testified that prostitution took place at Seungri's 2017 birthday party in the Philippines, where he was visiting for business, and Club Arena in Seoul, where he treated his investors, and that the singer "procured prostitution at other places."

The report added that the acquaintance was in charge of managing involved women and paid them 4 million won (S$4,800) per person for overseas trips and 2 million won for tasks at local clubs.

Prior to the testimony, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, "We have obtained meaningful testimonies and the investigation has moved forward. We have also booked Seungri for distribution of illegally filmed videos."

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