News that shook local showbiz in 2013

SINGAPORE - Weddings, breakups, deaths and more - 2013 was an eventful year in showbiz.

Here are a list of the most sensational stories that shook showbiz this year.

1. Veteran actor Huang Wenyong dies of cancer at the age of 60

2. Actor Dai Peng dies of the same cancer at the age of 75

3. Wong Lilin and Allan Wu announce their divorce

4. Joanne Peh and Bobby Tonelli split up

5. Quan Yifeng ignores Peter Yu's plea for forgiveness

6. Local actor Xie Shaoguang officially ordained as monk

7. Korean Music Wave in Singapore cancelled

8. Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung marries Singaporean laywer

9. Vanness Wu marries Singaporean girlfriend

10. Joanne Peh announces relationship with Qi Yuwu

11. Cecilia Cheung spotted in Singapore with rumoured boyfriend

12. Local film Ilo Ilo wins big at Cannes Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards

13. 50-year-old Liu Lingling gives birth to a son

14. Eelyn Kok, Calvin Soh, Mark Lee, as well as celeb couple Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan all welcome new child into their families

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