Nichkhun's 1st solo record in Korea to be released on Feb 18

PHOTO: Twitter/Khunnie0624

K-pop star Nichkhun is releasing an EP titled "ME" on Feb 18, his first record as a solo artist since his debut as a member of the boyband 2PM in 2008.

The singer's agency JYP Entertainment announced Sunday that the upcoming EP will be released at 6 p.m. on that day, after having released a teaser image for the record at midnight through its social media pages.

The upcoming release comes after Nichkhun released his first solo record of the same name in Japan in December. He expanded upon his newfound status as a solo artist with a first solo tour spanning across November and December that took place in Osaka and Tokyo.

Fans have expressed anticipation for the singer's first release in Korea outside of his band, as he has gone a year shy of a decade without releasing a solo record.

Dubbed 'Thai Prince' by Korean fans, the US-born Thai singer is one of the most popular foreign-born celebrities here, having appeared in a number of TV variety shows and TV dramas.

A Thai film starring Nichkhun titled "Brother of the Year" is slated to open in Korea in March.