Nicholas Tse cries foul after brand of cookies allegedly found to contain carcinogens


Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse has cried foul at the attention on his brand of cookies supposedly containing cancer-causing compounds.

He clarified that his product contained only a low amount of cancer-­causing compounds, Oriental Daily reported.

But due to his fame, his products are making headlines in the media.

"The report said 58 brands contained cancer-causing compounds but it did not specify how much of it would cause (health) problems," he reportedly said in a TV interview.

The 38-year-old actor-singer-host said there should be proper standards and guidelines on food safety.

It was earlier reported that following checks on 58 types of cookies and pastries, Hong Kong's consumers' council found that 51 of them contained carcinogens, including one under Tse's name.

Tse started his bakery business in 2015 after his culinary travel show Chef Nic became a hit.