No sibling rivalry among starlets

Emma Maembong.

MALAYSIA - Metro Ahad reported that lovely starlet sisters Emma and Chacha Maembong had no ill feelings or jealousy between them despite being "rivals" in the entertainment industry.

Chacha, 17, said she was proud of Emma, 21, for managing to carve a name for herself in the industry within such a short time.

"I never feel offended or hurt when people say Emma is more popular than me because it is true. She is my sister. If she is successful, of course I am happy for her," she said.

"In fact, Emma and I always help each other and are very honest in our criticisms against each other," she was quoted as saying.

The sisters, who are of Malay-Scottish parentage, said they joined the entertainment industry not for fame but out of their passion for art.

Emma is awaiting the release of her first film Usop Wilcha Melawan Werewolf Dari Bangladesh while Chacha is busy in the lead role in the drama Mira Sofea.