No way to treat capable senior citizens

SINGAPORE - Dr Edmund Lam has hit the nail on the head ("Age no barrier to working in knowledge economy"; last Friday).

One does not need to be young and strong to work in the knowledge industry.

I am a case in point.

To support my family, I had no choice but to go into sales during my younger days. However, I have been passionate about information technology for about 30 years.

My first personal computer was the XT. Since then, I have assembled my own computers. I have also taken all the Microsoft courses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. In addition, I have taught myself scripting languages and am creating my own website.

Sad to say, after I hit my 50s, employers would tell me I was "too old" each time I applied for an administrative job. Instead, I would be offered posts in the security or cleaning industry.

Is this the way to treat experienced and capable senior citizens?

This article was published on May 14 in The Straits Times.

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