One Direction thrills Bangkok fans

For fans of One Direction, the English-Irish pop outfit that has taken the world by storm, Saturday was a night they'll never forget, as their idols finally swept into town for a sold-out show at Rajamangala National Stadium as part of their "On the Road Again" tour.

Some 10,000 fans - most of them teenage girls - packed into the stadium sporting glittering crowns and devil's horns on their heads and waving sparkling glow sticks in the energy-charged air.

There were plenty of younger kids too, with several five year-olds and up impatiently dragging parents in their wake.

The mood was festive with the crowd happily singing and dancing to the pop songs spun by DJ Ono, which included the hit song "Macarena".

Ears-splitting screams greeted One Direction - or 1D as they are often dubbed - as they walked down to the stage with the big screen coming alive as Harry Styles, all wavy curls and strong neck lines, strutted his stuff in black.

Liam Payne seemed the most grown up of the bunch with his clean shaven face and occasional sultry stares, sparking one fan to tweet, "Liam staring in my soul" - Team 1 D @team_1direction.

Niall Horan, a teenage dream with blue eyes and blond hair, looked every bit the cool guitarist while Zayn Malik appeared pensive and stirred the crowd with his dark looks. Louis Tomlinson was, sadly, under the radar.

As One Direction members walked towards the front of the stage, Styles marginally distanced himself away from the other lads and after finishing a song, drank some water then water- spouted his fans: "I legit feel like I'm getting water sprayed on me by Harry," enthused a Team 1D member on twitter @team_1direction.

While the band put on a great show that covered most of their hits including "Steal My Girl", their voices were frequently drowned out by their own music.

As they switched to slower songs, their voices came together and it felt less like they were in a singing contest. Sitting down together for "Little Things", with just a guitar playing, their voices sounded much more powerful and easier on the ears.

"Harry during Little Things, his raspy voice, his shaggy hair, his lips," a fan swooned on Twitter.

Malik's voice reached its highest levels in what described as an "ovary-shrivelling high note."

Payne and Horan made a lovely couple as they danced together in what appeared to be some kind of Irish jig and in "Girl Almighty," Payne knelt in front of Horan and held the microphone to Horan's mouth, amplifying his gentle crooning and melting hearts stadium-wide.

Payne also had fun reading out the signs fans held high, picking amongst others "Point Your Direction in My Direction," "Knock, Knock" and "1D fans from India".

He also revealed that the band had been enjoying themselves during their brief stay, a fact confirmed by another's fan tweet, "#onedirectionthailand were on the p**s @levelsclub last night" - Bangkok Expats @bangkokexpats.

He also confided that he had been blessed by a monk, causing giggles throughout the crowd.

At the end of the concert, One Direction thanked all the amazing Thai fans, and Styles added a respectful touch by also thanking their fans who had brought their grandparents and parents with them.

Boy bands have a way of growing up and growing apart, and although their fans will eventually get older and acquire different musical tastes, they might actually remember this moment dancing to the "Best Song Ever".