Online woes

Can some fans be too sensitive about Twitter posts and even Instagram pictures?

A seemingly innocuous picture of her husband exercising bareback got Malaysian superstar Siti Nurhaliza into trouble with some fans online.

Two weeks ago, the 34-year-old singer posted a picture of her husband, businessman Datuk Seri Khalid Muhammad Jiwa, working out in the gym with the cheeky caption "Dato K is 'back'!!...;p"

Several netizens weren't too happy, questioning whether the photo was "inappropriate" and sparking an argument - more than 500 comments long - with Siti's supporters that even ventured into religious rules.

In an interview shortly after the incident, Siti was unapologetic, explaining she enjoys using her various social media accounts - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - to share parts of her daily life with fans.

"There are some personal things I share with (the fans), but at the same time I know what the limits are," she said on Malaysian TV channel TV9.

"For fans who can think like us, there are no problems (with what I share), but some make the situation more complicated. That's why I hope my fans can have a more positive outlook."

Singaporean actress Nadiah M. Din can probably relate to that.

The avid Instagram user, who can be seen on upcoming Channel 5 drama Mata Mata, has been the target of some not-so-nice words from fans over pictures she deems completely innocent.

One fan in particular, who goes by the username 125_4ever, has been a thorn in her side.

It started with a suggestive remark on a simple face shot she posted on Facebook, before he or she migrated to Instagram to go to war with Nadiah.

When she posted a funny picture of herself complete with a fake blonde wig posing next to an H&M ad featuring US superstar Beyonce, the netizen commented in Malay: "If you already know you're going to get bad comments, why do you still pose like that?"

The 23-year-old told The New Paper that she feels some of the negative comments stem from her curvaceous figure.

"Sometimes even posing for normal pictures becomes a problem. It's almost like people feel that I want to show off," she said.

Nadiah thinks girls can never win. "If it was a skinny girl posting a picture of herself, someone would say she's trying too hard."

Still, she tries not to put up photos that may spark negative comments or rumours.

For example, though she has had a German boyfriend for over a year now, there are hardly any photos of the couple together online.

"If I put up too many pictures, people would point out that we're not married yet, and that we're showing too much," she said.

"I don't want my mum to worry about what the public thinks of me."

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