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'We only managed 5m': Fann Wong and son Zed attempt walking on Great Wall of China

'We only managed 5m': Fann Wong and son Zed attempt walking on Great Wall of China
Fann Wong and Zed attempted to walk on the Great Wall of China recently.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Xiaohongshu/Fann Wong

Fann Wong's son Zed was thrilled when he first heard he was going to the Great Wall of China and walk on a steep section of the wall known as Haohanpo (Hero Slope).

In a video uploaded on the 52-year-old actress' Xiaohongshu yesterday (July 9), she wrote in the caption: "Zed was so excited that before we set off, he kept shouting, 'I want to be a hero today!'"

The video captured the journey that Fann and the 9-year-old took to reach Badaling, which is the most visited section of the Great Wall, and Fann also video-called her husband, actor Christopher Lee, 51, to show him the lush mountain scenery on the cable car ride up.

When they began their steep walk on the Great Wall together with other visitors, they realised being a "hero" was no easy feat.

"It's really a 45-degrees upwards slope," Fann laughed, slightly breathless from climbing.

At one point, Zed looked visibly tired from the walk and had to take a rest.

A voiceover said: "Zed was so tired that he sat down on the ground. When he turned around to see how far he had come, he realised he had climbed just 5 metres."

The next scene shows Fann and Zed walking down with the same voiceover saying: "That's right, we only managed 5 metres before coming down."

When asked about their experience later, Fann shared: "I think it's very steep and I felt a little dizzy suddenly." Zed also added that he was "so dizzy".

In the caption of the post, she wrote: "Zed has to wait till he's older before taking on the challenge of walking up the Hero Slope again."

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